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A pro-democracy group The State Returning Officer, Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber already is campaigning in an effort to secure the Republican nomination. represented by Democrat Collin Peterson,5 million in exchange for a parcel of land about 16 miles south of the reservation. Minn. is home to Enbridge-owned oil pipelines that were installed by Lakehead Pipeline Co Inc before the reservation realized it owned the landAfter Red Lake realized it was the rightful owner of the parcel and Enbridge absorbed Lakehead and took over the pipelines the company began talks with the band in 2007 about what should happen to the land and the linesResolution 281-15 seemed to answer that A news release posted on the tribal council’s Facebook page shortly after the resolution was passed called the land deal "a complete and total win that Red Lake could not have gotten in any court" The release went on to say the only other option would have been a "long and costly" court battle that would end in a shared property lineBut during the Jan 9 meeting band member and anti-pipeline activist Marty Cobenais acting as a concerned citizen addressed the tribal council and described the land deal as unconstitutionalIn a video of the meeting posted to Facebook Cobenais argues that the 2015 resolution is not a land exchange but a land sale He read a portion of the resolution: "The proposed settlement provides a payment to the band totaling $185 million dollars including funds to buy land for the band""We shouldn’t be selling our land That is against our constitution and by you guys voting on it it does violate our constitution" Cobenais told the council "I think we as the people should have the right to be able to say if we should do that or not"Council member Robert Smith said different people interpret the 2015 resolution in different ways Some like Cobenais see it as the sale of land Others see the agreement as a land swap since the resolution stated that at least a portion of the $185 million would be used to buy land"(Part) of that money was supposed to be used by the tribe to buy land then for a swap" said Smith who opposed the 2015 deal "In some people’s eyes that’s seen as a land sale if you’re giving up land for money And like I said some people are arguing the point that it’s a swap just because yes you are swapping land" After Cobenais and other band members had spoken Smith made a motion to rescind the agreement which was seconded by Roman Stately Jr Five council members voted to back out of the land deal and three were opposed One member abstained from the vote and one was absentCobenais told the Pioneer that more information about the vote and the resolution will be released next week Multiple calls to Chairman Darrell Seki went unanswered Charles Dolson Red Lake’s executive administrator confirmed that the resolution was rescinded and said the tribe did not have an official statementEnbridge’s Communications Supervisor Shannon Gustafson said the Red Lake Tribal Council had not formally notified Enbridge of an intention to rescind the agreementShe added that she believes an agreement between Enbridge and the tribe signed in January 2016 is legally binding but would not say whether any money had changed hands before Tuesday"We believe that it’s a legally binding document in place" Gustafson said "We expect that the band would stay true to our agreement"Gustafson said she could not talk in detail about the agreementCobenais said he is grateful that the tribal council took back the resolution and he hopes to see the pipelines removed from the reservation"I’d like to thank the tribal council for voting the way they did and I would encourage all Red Lakers to get in contact with their representatives and their officers to say thank you" Cobenais saidWhat is called the state "budget forecast" will be unveiled to the public at 11 am today in the state Capitol a couple of hours after a short summary of it is to be distributed to reporters and key state officials are told what to expect The forecast predicts state revenue for the next two years which Gov Mark Dayton and the state’s 201 legislators will use to draw up a plan about how to fund programs ranging from health care to constructionMost observers expect a budget surplus which would be a relief to state officials who just four years ago faced a $6 billion deficit Until some state leaders are briefed about the revenue report before the public event only a few people know if it will show a deficit or surplus and how muchDayton this week said his newest best guess is a $900 million surplus but even he had not been told the amount"We’re seeing good job growth and the economy is back on track but it’s just not as robust as everyone would like" Commissioner Jim Schowalter of Minnesota Management and Budget said last week before a "cone of silence" was placed over people who are writing the forecastThe Democratic governor has been quiet about specifics that he would include in his budget proposal due to be handed to legislators Jan 27 However he said that a priority will be extending child care tax credits He also has pledged to raise education funding in every budgetOnce Dayton releases his proposal the Republican-controlled House and Democratic-controlled Senate will draw up their own plans All budget outlines will be altered when a new revenue forecast comes out in late February or early MarchTo produce the forecast state economists take information from a national firm that draws up a detailed prediction of economic changes State officials then make predictions from that about how economic trends will affect taxes and other revenues coming into the state" She has accused Trump of forcibly kissing her and touching her breast. She worries North Dakota’s diverse agricultural industry can’t be adequately represented by one person. R-Ky. who believes the budget ought to reduce the deficit was the only Republican to vote against itThe budget opens the door to expanding the federal deficit by $15 trillion over 10 yearsTax cuts that have become Republicans’ essential policy objective since the Senate failed to pass multiple bills to rewrite Obamacare Approval of the budget is expected to help shore up ties between Senate GOP leaders and President Donald Trump who is angry at Republicans’ failure on health care and bent on Congress approving a tax-reform package by the end of the yearAt the same time by agreeing to the massive tax cut Senate Republicans have officially moved the party far away from its promised goal of ensuring that the tax plan would not add to the deficit The White House and House Republicans had vowed that the tax cuts would be offset with new revenue from the elimination of certain deductions but that is no longer the GOP’s goal Instead they have abandoned longstanding party orthodoxy of deficit reduction and are seeking a political win after months of frustration on Capitol Hill"I applaud the Senate for passing a budget" Speaker Paul Ryan R-Wis.

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