NHL power rankings: Flyers, Maple Leafs, Canucks see postseason in playoff prediction edition

first_imgWho will make it and who will not? It may still be too early to tell, but, who doesn’t love predictions?This week’s power rankings predict the 16 teams that will still be strapping on their gear when the Stanley Cup playoffs begin April 8.MORE: Last week’s power rankingsNHL power rankings1. Boston Bruins, 96 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 1Get that Presidents’ Trophy shiny for Beantown — but don’t touch it, Zdeno Chara.2020 playoff prediction: Atlantic Division champs2. St. Louis Blues, 90 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 3Craig Berube’s squad will win the wild, wild Western Conference.2020 playoff prediction: Central Division champs3. Tampa Bay Lightning, 87 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 2Again, apologies to Jon Cooper for ever entertaining the idea he should be fired.2020 playoff prediction: Second in Atlantic Division4. Colorado Avalanche, 87 points (17 games left)Last ranking: 10Colorado has destroyed everything in its path lately — like an … avalanche. The only thing better than the Avs’ seven straight wins is the Blues’ eight.2020 playoff prediction: Third in Central Division5. Philadelphia Flyers, 83 points (17 games left)Last ranking: 11They may have a tough schedule the rest of the way, but it’s been nine years since they’ve won a division title — and this year the drought will end.2020 playoff prediction: Metropolitan Division champs6. Pittsburgh Penguins, 82 points (17 games left)Last ranking: 4Sid the Kid will get another chance at the Cup, backed by a stacked roster.2020 playoff prediction: Second in Metropolitan Division7. Washington Capitals, 86 points  (17 games left)Last ranking: 6Who doesn’t want a Crosby-Alex Ovechkin first-round matchup? Ok, maybe everyone who wants a “Battle of Pennsylvania.” But still, this would be quite an entertaining matchup.2020 playoff prediction: Third in Metropolitan Division8. Vegas Golden Knights, 82 points (14 games left)Last ranking: 5It’s a weak Pacific Division, but being 9-1-0 in the last 10 certainly doesn’t hurt in solidifying the division crown.2020 playoff prediction: Pacific Division champspic.twitter.com/cBKs3MLlqY— Robin Lehner (@RobinLehner) March 4, 20209. Dallas Stars, 82 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 9The Stars have one of the best goalie tandems in the NHL and one of the easiest schedules down the stretch.2020 playoff prediction: Second in Central Division10. Edmonton Oilers, 80 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 8Dear hockey gods, please. 2020 playoff prediction: Second in Pacific Division11. Calgary Flames, 75 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 14Dear hockey gods, please see above.2020 playoff prediction: Third in Pacific Division12. Toronto Maple Leafs, 78 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 16Well … they won’t have to play Boston in the first round this year.2020 playoff prediction: Third in Atlantic Division13. New York Islanders, 78 points (17 games left)Last ranking: 12The Isles’ saving grace is the Blue Jackets have one of the toughest schedules down the stretch.2020 playoff prediction: East’s first wild card14. Winnipeg Jets, 74 points (14 games left)Last ranking: 19Connor Hellebucyk is willing this all on his own.2020 playoff prediction: West’s first wild card15. Vancouver Canucks, 74 points (17 games left)Last ranking: 7With two games in hand, the Canucks could overtake the Flames or Oilers. But with Jacob Markstrom out they’ll hang on to a playoff spot by the skin of their teeth.2020 playoff prediction: West’s second wild card 16. Carolina Hurricanes, 75 points (18 games left)Last ranking: 15The Storm Surge will see the postseason.2020 playoff prediction: East’s second wild card17. Columbus Blue Jackets, 78 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 21The fact that this team, despite the injuries that piled up, are in the picture this late in the season is a testament to John Tortorella and his players.2020 playoff prediction: Just miss18. New York Rangers, 74 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 13While Artemi Panarin may be making a case for the Hart Trophy, the injury to Chris Kreider means curtains on the Broadway Blueshirts season.2020 playoff prediction: So close.19. Nashville Predators, 72 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 182020 playoff prediction: Almost 20. Arizona Coyotes, 72 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 202020 playoff prediction: Next year21. Minnesota Wild, 73 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 232020 playoff prediction: It was a good run22. Florida Panthers, 73 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 172020 playoff prediction: Maybe 2021? 23. Montreal Canadiens, 71 points (14 games left)Last ranking: 262020 playoff prediction: No24. Buffalo Sabres, 66 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 222020 playoff prediction: Not happening25. Chicago Blackhawks, 68 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 242020 playoff prediction: Nope26. New Jersey Devils, 64 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 252020 playoff prediction: No chance in … 27. San Jose Sharks, 62 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 302020 playoff prediction: Of course not28. Ottawa Senators, 58 points (15 games left)Last ranking: 272020 playoff prediction: That’s a no from me, dawg.29. Anaheim Ducks, 60 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 292020 playoff prediction: Mighty Ducks — the movie — is better30. Los Angeles Kings, 56 points (16 games left)Last ranking: 28 There’s exactly a month left until the 2019-20 NHL regular season wraps up.After the final horn on April 4, 15 teams will officially be hitting the links while 16 teams’ focus shifts to the ultimate prize: Lord Stanley’s Cup. 2020 playoff prediction: Really?31. Detroit Red Wings, 35 points (14 games left)Last ranking: 312020 playoff prediction: C’monlast_img read more

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