The real reason why TimeSplitters 4 does not exist

first_imgIn yet another example of a successful video game franchise dying after a new console generation appears, the TimeSplitters series came to a screeching halt after the transition from PS2 to PS3. Now, years later, the developers are candidly dishing out the scoop on what happened behind the scenes.If you owned a PS2 and have even a strong interest in shooting games, chances are you owned a game that was a part of, or you at least heard about, the TimeSplitters franchise. The first title was an exclusive launch game for the Sony system, which obviously drew immediate buzz.From there, developer Free Radical Design would release two sequels, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. The company announced in the late 2000s that it was planning on releasing TimeSplitters 4, but in 2009 confirmed that the game was on hold.It may seem like this was due to the fact that Free Radical had to start shifting its focus to the PS3, but really what happened was a big mess behind the curtain. Free Radical ended up being acquired by once-rival company Crytek, but even under the new ownership, work on TimeSplitters 4 continued.Developers showed off playable demos to a number of publishers in order to get it picked up, but no one was convinced. The biggest issue appeared to be skepticism over Free Radical’s PS3 release Haze, which garnered poor critical reviews and flat sales. Does that mean a PS3 TimeSplitters would have had the same result? Maybe, maybe not.But the other point is that the marketing of video games has changed in the last few years. While there was no challenge to getting publishers on board for the first three TimeSplitters, suddenly everyone started saying that the fourth installment did not have a clear and concise message that could be communicated to gamers. The days of creating masterful games that don’t reach critical mass are coming to an end, making way for games that are mediocre but appeal to a broad base.So unless something drastic happens, the TimeSplitters franchise will be left as a memory of the PS2 era. Despite a recent petition garnering more than 300,000 signatures, Crytek still doesn’t see any sort of future success for the series.via Eurogamerlast_img read more

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