Ronald Korotaj: “Tourism is a young calf that can give a lot more milk”

first_imgThe Croatian hotel industry is the ‘locomotive’ of tourism and the overall economy, and its importance is not yet sufficiently understood, not even at the level of the Government, which takes small but still insufficient steps for a better investment climate and business sector, he said on Thursday. of the Congress of Hoteliers, the president of UPUHH, Ronald Korotaj, writes Lider.The two-day congress is organized by the Croatian Hotel Employers’ Association (UPUHH) and brings together numerous domestic and foreign hoteliers, representatives of tourism, state and financial institutions, consulting companies and others to discuss global trends and challenges, problems and ideas for better hoteliers.Due to the large share of tourism in GDP, which is significantly contributed by hoteliers with investment and overall business, tourism should be discussed at every session of the Government, which is seen as an ‘old cow that needs to be milked to the end’. ‘a young calf that can give a lot more milk’ ‘ Korotaj expressed himself pictorially.Among the measures advocated by hoteliers, he singled out, among other fiscal relief, better regulated labor legislation, adequate law on tourist land and 10 percent VAT, because it turned out that only with such a rate, investments accelerate. “Although the investment climate in Croatia is not yet good, hoteliers still have to continue investing because the market demands it, especially since ten new hotels appear in the world every day, which is more than 3600 a year. Investments are therefore necessary in Croatia to catch up with the world. “said Korotaj.Kristjan Staničić, Director of the Main Office of the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ), also points out that the Government must recognize tourism and hospitality as the most important economic sectors, which need a stable legal and fiscal framework for further growth and development, and the CNTB will do everything it can to better promotion and positioning in the markets. The necessary synergistic approach of all in the community was considered important for this development by the Deputy Mayor of Zagreb Olivera Majić, who pointed out that more than 80 percent of overnight stays in Zagreb were realized in its 62 hotels, as well as that investments in new and renovation of existing hotels are being prepared. the capital. Envoy and advisor to the Croatian President Davorin Štetner warned of the problem of emigration, which is detrimental to finding labor for tourism and construction, without which there are no new facilities. “The most important thing is a stable regulatory framework, not that the rules change every year, with the example of reducing corporate taxes being a good direction for cutting and other levies because that would generate more revenue and we believe the government can. ” considers Stetner.Noting that Croatia is highly sought after by tourists, but also has a large public debt and still unfavorable financing conditions with costs up to five times higher than, for example, in Germany, Tomislav Čorak from the consulting company Boston Consulting Group believes that one of the solutions for ‘easier’ investing was a model of public-private partnership and ‘crowdfunding’, which is poorly applied in Croatia, and would be good, especially for tourism in cities and in smaller amounts. “Tourist demand for Croatia has grown 50 percent faster than globally in five years, and there is no doubt that it is an attractive destination, it may no longer need large promotional spots, but the problem is that in the last few years the increase in overnight stays was close to 10 percent , and the increase in the number of beds in hotels is only 2,5 percent. This indicates that we have entered this period a little unprepared for so much demand, hotel beds are now very much lacking, because without it there is no stronger season extension or higher revenues and this increased demand should be better used for investment in hotels.said Corak, reports Lider.The second day of the 20th UPUHH Congress began with the presentation of an analysis of the work of the Croatian hotel industry in the last 3 years, presented by the President of UPUHH Ronald Korotaj. The Croatian hotel industry grew by 2017 percent in 8,75, and our camping industry achieved almost the same growth. At the same time, Korotaj said, “private accommodation in Croatia has grown in double digits.” Tourism library.The President of UPUHH presented and commented on other figures related to the work of the Croatian hotel industry in the last 3 years.Business Review 2017Utilization of hotel capacities taking 9 months a year 2017. From June to September 5 stars 86-89%4 stars 83-86%3 stars 62- 85%Average price (euro) per room in 2017:2017. Stars June July August September                                 5 154 200 205 1434 89 129 137 793 75 105 112 63 Average room occupancy per room availability (revPar) in 2017:2017. Stars June July August September5 133 168 172 1284 73 111 125 683 61 93 99 54 Total revenue (euro) per room (TRevPAR) in 2017:2017. Stars June July August September5 193 232 239 1894 112 157 174 1023 87 126 133 77After the analysis, Ronald Korotaj concluded that it is up to all of us to take advantage of the opportunities provided by tourism. “We have difficulties, but let’s finally solve them, that is, the government should start listening to us!”- said Korotaj, and warned of a big problem due to lack of manpower. ” The Croatian Employment Service should establish a special office that would deal only with tourism. They must not think that they are the purpose of their existence and not the hotel industrySaid Korotaj.Source: Lider / Tourism library&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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