The Best Eclipses In SciFi History

first_img Netflix Axes ‘The OA’ Sci-Fi Series After 2 Seasons‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Becomes Mostly Harm… Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img Solar eclipse have come and gone, and hopefully, you didn’t blast out your retinas looking directly at the sun’s flaming corona without special glasses. Although science types will pooh-pooh eclipse frenzy, telling us that an eclipse is visible from Earth once every two years or so, it was a pretty amazing experience. And it got us thinking about other eclipses we’ve seen in our lives as geeks. Come with us on a celestial tour of sci-fi TV shows, movies, comics, video games and more as we revisit times when the sun went dark in the sky. No, we will not be talking about Twilight here.Pitch BlackThe 2000 vehicle that introduced the world to Vin Diesel for the first time, Pitch Black takes place on the surface of a large gas planet in the orbit of three stars. When the planet eclipses the sun, it drops half of the world into total darkness for an entire month, and during that time a group of light-sensitive predators come out from underground and start eating their fill. A ragtag crew of mercenaries, pilots, bounty hunters and cross-dressing kids must survive their assault and get the hell off the planet. That’s a long time to have no sun, but who knows? Space is weird.TerrariaSandbox games like Terraria live and die on their ability to surprise the player, and the randomly-occurring solar eclipses are one way to do it. After the player has defeated at least one of the game’s Mechanical Bosses in hard mode, they have a 5% chance per day of having the moon of their world occlude the sun, dropping the game into blackness for an entire day. While the eclipse is happening, tons of rare and nasty monsters like vampires and reapers spawn constantly, but you can also snag rare eclipse-only equipment drops.HeroesFor a brief shining moment, this was the most promising show on TV until it collapsed under its own weight. At the start of NBC’s 2006 series, an eclipse is the trigger for the incredible abilities of people all over the world to manifest themselves. The show revisited the eclipse concept multiple times over its run, including a third one that somehow removed everybody’s powers. The show really took liberties with eclipse physics, tracing a totality path that let the moon block out the sun for people in New York, Los Angeles, and Japan at the same time.Sailor MoonA solar eclipse is the key that lets the villainous Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon Circus break her imprisonment inside an enchanted mirror and travel to Earth, where she sets out to conquer the world with the help of the Amazoness Quartet and plunge us into the depths of darkness. Naturally, the Sailor Scouts save the day and eventually transform Nehelenia into a small child so she can be redeemed and live a life free of wickedness.The DarknessIn the video game adaptation of the cult hit comic, protagonist Jackie Estacado can harness the power of a family demon to increase his ass-kicking ability, but only when he’s in the shade. In the last act of the game, a solar eclipse hits and plunges the entire world into darkness, supercharging his unholy powers to carry out one final raid on the mansion of the Mafia scum who killed his girlfriend in front of him. Of course, that consigns his soul to eternal damnation, but you can’t have everything.Little Shop Of HorrorsEclipses are often used as a harbinger of something coming from outer space, so when 1986’s Little Shop Of Horrors starts with the sky doing dark, you know trouble is on the way. It comes in the form of Audrey II, a flytrap-shaped plant with a thirst for human blood. As nebbishy flower shop owner Seymour Krelborn buys it from a flower shop, and it takes over his life and makes him into a murderer in exchange for fame and fortune. You probably know how that works out, especially if you’ve watched the movie’s awesome deleted original ending.Buffy The Vampire SlayerThe big bad of Buffy’s third season is the mayor of Sunnydale, who hides his wicked intentions underneath a squeaky-clean demeanor. He causes all manner of problems for the Slayer and her friends, and it all comes to a head on the day of their high school graduation. When Mayor Wilkins delivers the commencement speech, a total solar eclipse blankets Sunnydale and triggers his ascension to the demonic form of a massive snake. Thankfully, the sun comes back out after Buffy lures him into the school and blows his slithery ass back to Hell.BerserkMega-violent anime Berserk tells the tale of a lone swordsman up against the God Hand, a quartet of immensely powerful demons. Once every 216 years, they can trigger a massive solar eclipse that will add another member to their ranks, and the anime’s climax depicts that ritual. With the sun blotted out, the God Hand take a young man named Griffith and drive him mad with revenge until he ascends into his demonic form of Femto, a powerful warrior with no honor or empathy.HellboyIt’s a lunar eclipse that triggers the release of the Ogdru Jahad in Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 Hellboy film, but it’s filmed so lovingly that we had to throw it on the list. The mad monk Rasputin wants the gates of Hell open to make chaos reign on Earth, and Hellboy is the key to making it happen. Thankfully, the big red guy manages to get in control and stop the ritual, but while it’s happening it legit looks like humanity is doomed by massive squid monsters from beyond the veil of sanity.Avatar: The Last AirbenderAll of the different elemental masters in Avatar have their weaknesses, but when the moon covers the sun, it strips all Firebenders of their abilities and leaves them helpless for the duration. That’s called the Day of Black Sun, and in the series, it prompts a raid on their Capital in a desperate mission to kill the Fire Lord and end the 100 Year War. The mission ends in failure, but its ramifications are felt throughout the series. A lunar eclipse also figures in later as it makes Waterbenders lose their mojo in a similar way. The duration and timing of these are among the most realistic in history.2001: A Space OdysseyThe opening shot of Stanley Kubrick’s science-fiction classic shows us an eclipse, but it’s a curious one. The sun, the moon, and the Earth line up in syzygy (the incredibly awesome scientific term that means “in a straight line”). But you quickly realize that you’re not observing the celestial motion from your familiar spot on our planet but rather from a perspective farther out in space – in all likelihood, one of the enigmatic aliens who plant the monolith on Jupiter and kick off the journey into consciousness that has been tripping us out since 1968.last_img read more

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