Pornhub Credits Government Shutdown For Traffic Increase

first_img The government has been shut down for nearly a month, leaving hundreds of thousands of furloughed employees to deal with the consequences of prolonged unpaid leave.It’s not all doom and gloom, though: It seems plenty of workers have found relief … online.Pornhub on Thursday reported a 5.94 percent increase in average daily traffic between Jan. 7 and 11—the shutdown’s third week—compared to levels prior to the Dec. 22 closure.As Mashable pointed out, correlation does not mean causation: It is winter, when people tend to stay indoors where it’s warm, cozy, and private.Still, it’s hard to deny the connection.(via Pornhub)The adult video platform’s peak traffic period across the US is typically from 1 p.m. to midnight.Since the shutdown began, though, afternoon rush hour rose by as much as 7 percent above average at 1 p.m.—when people would normally be at work. An influx of late-night users saw numbers grew as much as 14 percent, and early-morning traffic (from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.) saw a slight rise.“Those fluctuations are similar to other events (see winter storm Stella) when people tend to stay up later and sleep in when they don’t have to go to work in the morning,” according to Pornhub.X-rated traffic was up more than 6 percent in the nation’s capital, where there was a 12 percent boost in viewing after midnight.(via Pornhub)(The usual sunrise gridlock, on the other hand, dropped between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., which I can only assume means there were fewer people to watch porn on their morning commute.)Average visit time during the week, meanwhile, gained 33 seconds (from 10 minutes 37 seconds to 11 minutes 10 seconds), “further indicating that some people have a bit more time with on their hands,” the site said.Pornhub statisticians also noticed a shift in popular categories over the last month, suggesting themes popular among government workers, including “threesome” (+66 percent), “small tits” (+57 percent), “squirt” (+54 percent), and “cuckold” (+49 percent).“If you find yourself with some extra time due to the government shutdown, just remember that here at Pornhub we’re always HARD at work,” the blog added.More on‘Fortnite’ and Stormy Daniels Dominate Pornhub’s Top Searches in 2018Pornhub Offers Free Leaf Removal Service in Upstate New YorkPornhub Adds Closed Captioning for Porn Stay on target Virginia Outlaws Deepfake Revenge PornArizona Lawmaker Proposes Porn Tax to Pay for Border Wall last_img read more

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