Map of alien invaders charts hundreds of aliens from movies comics boo

first_imgThompson’s plan is to do a full size poster that showcases every alien invader Earth has ever stood against. Starting with the first invasion known to mankind, the 1888 novella about sentient crystals set to take over humanity, Les Xipéhuz by J.H. Rosney and will go all the way to 2016’s Independence Day 2. Every alien species that have dared to step foot on our planet with the intent to take it over, from books to film to comics and Japanese manga, will be plotted out to gaze unstintingly up at all night long.Thompson makes note that this will not include First Contact stories, events where humans attempted to invade other planets, or aliens who came to our home world for congenial visitations. These are your big, bad, hostile take over jerks of the universe – or sometimes the rare case of the Know-It-All aliens who think they are “helping” mankind by turning us into their mindless thralls.Now this isn’t Thompson’s first foray into the illustrative pop culture map series. Back in 2015 he raised over $20,000 to make his Map of Zombies come to life. That one showcased some 350 different types of zombies from literature and popular culture.You can expect the list of alien invaders to be just as big, if not larger than The Map of Zombies, given how many of those pesky bug-eyed monsters like to claim our vast resources for their own.With the Kickstarter already funded, and Thompson having a good track record of coming through on his crowd funding, you might want to get in on his map now to make sure you get a copy at a discounted price. One artist is on a journey to chart the heavens, or at least those who would take over our little slice of it, by creating an illustrated map of alien invaders.Jason B. Thompson is an Eisner-award winning artist and manga aficionado who is well on his crowd-funding way to making his Map of Alien Invaders a reality. As of writing this, the Kickstarter has 25 days to go and is $1,000 past it’s funding goal, so obviously this guy has something special on his hands.last_img read more

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