A small but big gesture by Uniline: A day off to all Uniline employees whose children are starting first grade

first_imgBy developing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy in many areas, Uniline, a leading Croatian tour operator, has enabled its employees whose children are starting first grade to spend the first day of the school year with their freshmen for the fourth time in a row. . So it is 3.9.2018. for all Uniline employees, parents of freshmen, to be a non-working day.”Aware of the fact that the first day of school represents a significant turning point in life for both first-graders and their parents, we decided to provide all our employees – parents of first-graders a non-working day this year so that they can safely and safely escort their children to school. sit for the first time ”emphasized Nina Stepčić, coordinator in the human resources department of Uniline, continuing, and added that as a company they strive to contribute concretely and whenever possible.  employee.”Going to school is the beginning of a new chapter in life. The preparations were great, and the emotions even greater! This day off allows us parents to be where we need to be today – in the school yard where we will welcome our children who run into our arms after the first school bell! It is a joyful and unforgettable experience for both them and us”said Samanta Rojnić, Senior Key Account Manager.A small but big gesture by UnilineWorker satisfaction is more evident through quality working conditions than with wages, which is of course also an important factor, but not the most important. Being with your children on the first day of school, seeing them off and welcoming them in front of the school, is certainly invaluable to all parents.Thus, this move, no matter how small, is a more important element for employees / parents of freshmen than the financial one. This sign of the company’s attention specifically shows how much they really care about their employees. And employees will know how to appreciate that, and because of a hundred kuna, maybe a higher salary will certainly not go to the competition, because it’s not all about the money. And employees are people with feelings, needs, and emotions, not numbers.This is just another one of the many positive examples of CSR at Uniline proving their concern for employees.last_img read more

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