Annual Report on the Civil Service Disclosure of Wrongdoing Regulations and Policy

first_imgThe provincial government’s first Annual Report on the Civil Service Disclosure of Wrongdoing Regulations and Policy was tabled in the legislature today, Nov. 3. The report, which describes disclosure activity within government between September 16, 2004 and March 31, 2005, was tabled by Human Resources Minister Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “While it has never been this government’s belief that there was an issue with undisclosed wrongdoing, it’s important that Nova Scotians have confidence in their government,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson. “Establishing clear disclosure processes and protections for employees who report alleged wrongdoing was one way that we could achieve that goal.” The regulations and policy were approved in September 2004 and provide government employees with clear direction on how to report alleged wrongdoing as well as protections against any and all reprisal action. The regulations build upon other mechanisms for employees already established in legislation, regulations and collective agreements. “We want employees who disclose alleged wrongdoing to know that they will be protected from reprisal action,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson. In the time frame covered by the report, one disclosure and five requests for information were received. Two of the five requests for information were made by individuals outside of government and were, therefore, redirected to other processes. The one disclosure made was investigated and it was determined that the concerns raised, while well intended and reasonable, did not constitute a wrongdoing. A copy of the annual report can be accessed on the Public Service Commission’s website at: .last_img read more

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